more description of Kathy's Monster

Now for the eyes. Draw two white circles that are one-half inch in diameter and located on the apple just sightly above the center of the apple, across from where the arms connect to the body. Shade the top of each eye about half way down to make it look like the eyes are half closed. Draw the black pupil of the eye at the 8 o'clock point of the eye.

There are two three-quarter inch, fuzzy eyebrows with the center end slightly turned up.

My monster has glasses. Each circle lens is one-quarter inch larger in diameter than the eye. Each lens touches the inside of the eye but extends one-quarter inch beyond the eye on the outside. The lenses are connected by a black bar between the eyes.

The nose is a circle that is the same size as the eye and is centered on the eyes one-half inch below the eyes. The nose is shaded a softer red than the body of the monster.

My monster has a black mustache. Each side of the mustache extends out of the nose, is one-inch long and curls up at the outside end.

The red lips are a one-inch long and slightly turned up at the end to form a smile. There is a gray, one-quarter inch outline of the lips that also slightly turns up. This technique makes the lips look really big.


How did you do drawing my monster?
How did I do describing my monster?

This project is sponsored by the Columbiana County Educational Service Center and
the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center

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