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The Ohio Math Marvels project is modeled after the Math Marvels project developed by Linda McDonald and the Katy ISD in Texas.  The focus of Math Marvels is on problem solving and communicating solutions/strategies using non-routine, higher order thinking examples.

Participating students from across Ohio will use videoconferencing technology to challenge other students with math problems that they have created or have taken from released Ohio Achievement Test (OAT) or Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) questions. Classes will be matched with other classes at the same grade level.

Math Marvels can be adapted for grade K-12 students.

Expectations are that the math challenge will require problem-solving strategies including drawing a picture, looking for a pattern, systematic guessing and checking, acting it out, making a table, or working backwards to solve a problem.

All problems will be verified by the classroom teacher prior to the videoconference.

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This project is coordinated in Ohio by the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center
The Math Marvel project was originally developed by Linda McDonald with Katy ISD in Texas.