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During the Challenge

  • Problems will be presented (possibly via a PowerPoint) by the facilitator(s) at one of the locations.
  • After each problem is presented, please mute your microphone and allow about 5 minutes to work on the solution. It is helpful if one campus can put an overhead timer on the document camera for this part.
  • Small groups work on the solution; then compare and discuss answers as a class.
  • PLEASE play fair. This should be an opportunity for students to use and display their skills. Teachers should ask leading questions if their students need direction, but, as hard as it may be, don’t help them!
  • After the time limit (or before if both groups are ready) reply with the answer to your challenge question. This is the best opportunity for you students to communicate their thinking. Emphasize the use of strategy!
  • It is really great to give your challenger a round of applause for correct answers and/or good thinking.
  • You may keep score, if desired, but most importantly have fun.
  • Remember the purpose of this session is to develop problem solving skills and practice communicating math solutions.

This project is coordinated in Ohio by the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center
The Math Marvel project was originally developed by Linda McDonald with Katy ISD in Texas.