Great Race Rules

Join fifth grade classes from across the United States on a race from the Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. Each class will be a team, and the team that gets there the quickest, spending the least amount of money, and visit all the required sites will win. It is that simple. Or is it???

Class teams can make their trip by land and water but they are not allowed to travel by air. Click on the Forms button to access the online forms and download spreadsheets for tracking the methods of transporation by which the teams will travel. The teams will also use online forms to log their expenses, distance, time, weather, landmarks and historical sites seen while on their journey. The team will need a login password in order to enter their data online.

There will be three videoconferences during the program. The first will be to kick off the race in February. There will be a mid-point connection just to check our progress. The final connection will be hopefully a connection with a class from the finish line of the race. This final videoconference connection is tentatively scheduled for the afternoon on a day in mid-April.

To join the great race, contact the distance learning coordinator in your area:

Columbiana County Educational Service Center
North Central Ohio Educational Service Center